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Loves nightmare pt 4

Title: Loves nightmare part 4
Author: aurora_bee
Pairing: Clex
Section: WiP
Rating: NC-17 (some sexual stuff)
Word Count: approx. 1500

I like this part :) Makes a change for me eh. Un beta'd

Part 4

Clark had hated leaving Lex that night. He’d already gotten himself kicked out for sneaking back into Lex’s room at 4am. In his superman outfit he floated by a nearby building, keeping an eye on Lex as he slept. The first sign of anything and he’d be there, security staff or not. If Lex so much as farted he’d be there.


What was he supposed to do now? Lex didn’t have insurance. His thoughts lingered, how could Lex the best medical care that was available. He was superman, and had a great deal of influence, but he didn’t expect people to work for free. There were very few things that annoyed Clark but medical insurance was the top of the list. He’d save someone only later to be told that they didn’t have insurance.


Lionel Luthor could always draw a crowd. It was 6am when his limo pulled up outside the hospital. Lionel shook his head as he left the car. Clark chuckled; Lionel always did look like one of those hair adverts. For men targets the grey and makes you look 10 years younger. A few lucky reporters managed to get snaps of him as he entered the building with his immense security team. Clark flew into a nearby window. The patient in there was sound asleep as he changed into his Clark Kent persona at top speed. The door was swinging as the patient woke up confused from a gust of wind that had suddenly blown the sheets from his bed.


Lex’s eyes were open when Clark ducked into his room.
‘How long have you been awake handsome?’ Lex didn’t react. Clark pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. Lex raised his arm. Clark smiled. ‘Good to see.’ Clark said as he took Lex’s cold hand into his own.


The door suddenly swung open. Clark looked up to see Lionel walking in as if he owned the place.
‘Lex, Lex, Lex what have you done to yourself this time?’ Lionel looked at Clark. ‘I see he has company. Mr. Kent if I’m not mistaken.’ Lionel extended his hand. Clark looked back down at Lex, ignoring Lionel as best he could.
‘What are you doing here?’ Asked Clark not making eye contact. Lionel looked down at Clark.
‘I’m here to see my son Clark.’ Lionel took off his gloves. ‘How’s your mother?’ Clark snarled at Lionel.
‘You leave my mother out of this.’ Lionel casually picked up Lex’s records from the end of the bed, and examined them.
‘Lex appears to have some brain damage.’ Lionel walked around the side of the bed , reached down and stroked Lex’s cheek. Lex tried to pull away in the direction of Clark. Lionel looked down, Clark had his wrist in a death grip.
‘Don’t touch him.’ Clark snarled. Lionel remained composed even though he was in considerable pain.
‘I suggest that you let go of my wrist young man. I would hate to see you locked away when you so obviously want to be in the company of my son.’ Clark kept hold of Lionel’s wrist his grip tightening. Lionel was starting to break Clark could see from his eyes. ‘Of course if you were to go to prison, you would loose your job, and be unable to take care of my son’s medical costs.’ Lionel smiled as the grip loosened and Clark slowly began to draw back.


Clark sat back in his chair watching Lionel as he sat in the chair opposite. ‘What do you want?’ Clark said as he kept eye contact with Lionel.
‘Only to take care of my son. I believe he has named you as his next of kin.’ Clark nodded solemnly.
‘Yes. That’s right.’ Lionel shifted in his chair crossing his legs.
‘Then I believe that I may be of some help to you.’ Clark had a feeling that he was not going to like whatever Lionel was going to say next. ‘If you relinquish that burden to me, I imagine that we can come to some sort of agreement regarding Lex’s welfare.’ Clark felt a chill go up his spine.
‘I..I can’t do that.’ Lionel seemed to take that in his stride.
‘I would be able to pay for medical treatment and together we could oversee his treatment.’ Clark had a flashback to Lex having electroshock therapy.
‘No!’ Lionel rose from his chair.


‘I see that you are magnanimous in your decision Mr. Kent, I don’t blame you.’ Lionel bent down to press a small kiss to Lex’s forehead. ‘I bid you good day Mr. Kent.’ Lionel reached into his pocket and placed a business card on the sheet that covered Lex. ‘If you change your mind that is my direct line’. Lionel left the room quickly not looking back.


Lex was struggling under the sheets, frantic trying to get away and pulling out his IV in the process. Clark tried to calm him, pushing him back down into the bed and alerting the nurse. The more he tried the worse it got. The nurse arrived and gave Lex a sedative. Lex relaxed almost immediately into Clark’s arms. As the nurse reattached his IV. Tears streamed down Lex’s face.


Lex had always known that Clark was superman, it had hurt that Clark didn’t want to tell him. But in the long run Lex had decided, that it was better to have Clark as a friend than as an enemy. Clark had after all, dragged him back from the edge. Now all Lex wanted was for Clark to be able to read his thoughts. To hear the forgotten voices and see through his eyes. He was still in there, still in a shell of a body that just wanted to close down around him. He held on to Clark’s arm as tightly as he could and thought. Clark, hell you probably can’t hear me thinking, and I know those magic acts are all a load of crap. But I need you to know this. Lex could feel himself drifting away. He closed his eyes and started to dream.


Clark returned back to his apartment after being assured that Lex really was ok, and that he needed to sleep. Clark had finally given in and agreed. There were 17 messages on his answering machine. He pressed the button and sat quietly to listen.

‘Smallville where the hell are you? Perry’s going insane here..’ Clark wound forward to the next message. It was from his mom.

‘Clark, honey. I know this isn’t the best way to do it, but I’m sorry. I’m not going to go into detail here on your answer machine. All I can say is that I’m disgusted with myself. I love you, and if you need to talk I’m here for you. I’m always here for you baby.’ Martha started to sob. ‘I’d better go before I break the phone.’

Clark turned off the answering machine. Bed time, he thought to himself. Clark stripped slowly dropping his clothes on the floor as he padded off to his bedroom. Just his boxers left on before he collapsed into his comfortable bed. It didn’t take long for his lack of sleep to catch up with him.


Clark woke as footsteps neared his bed. A weight on his bed signaled that someone was there with him. He couldn’t move. A small voice came out of nowhere.
‘Daddy is that you?’ A grunt and Clark could feel the sheets beside him being lifted as someone lay beside him.
‘Yes.’ Said an older familiar voice. An arm was snaking its way under the pillow. The little voice giggled. Clark still couldn’t move. ‘Your mother has taken some sleeping pills.’ A hand was stroking Clark’s side, catching on his boxers and making them slip down.
‘Daddy what are you doing?’ A hand suddenly reached around and cupped his genitals.
‘Shush, you’ll like this.’ Said the older voice.
‘Nuh, no. I don’t like it daddy.’ Said the little voice. The hand that was stroking his genitals was now pulling down his boxers. He could feel himself wriggling, but it was involuntary and he didn’t have the power to get away completely. Then there was a finger in his ass. Clark tried to scream, then another finger slid into his ass. It hurt like nothing he ever felt. Scissoring into him, sharp pain. The little voice was screaming and a hand reached up to cover his mouth. Then he felt it. Something wet poking at his ass hole. He felt like he’d blacked out. His insides were going to explode it felt like someone had a hand in his rectum. It was so big and he could feel it tearing him, blood was running down his legs. His stomach was hurting and all he could hear was the little voice begging for it to stop. Promising to be a good boy.


Clark woke up. What the fuck was that?

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