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Smallville fic Disco Diva

Posted on 2004.07.06 at 13:42
Current Mood: boredbored
Name: Disco Diva
By: Aurora_bee
Rated: PG
Pairing: None

Disco diva

Clark decided to visit Lex's office in Metropolis, the school visit to the zoo was not exactly his idea of fun, and he figured he could sneak away for a bit without being noticed. Clark supersped over to LuthorCorp. The security guard checked his ID and he got into the lift unnoticed. Clark wanted to surprise Lex.

As he reached Lex's office he noticed the corridors were empty, and Lex secretary was not at her desk. Loud music seemed to be coming from Lex's office, it took a while for Clark to recognise it, but there was no doubt, it was the 'Jackson 5 – blame it on the boogie'. Clark smiled unsure as to what was happening on the other side of the door. He stood back, checking there was no one else around, and used his X-ray vision to look into the room.

There was someone dancing on Lex desk. Lex? Had Lex had another episode? It was seriously out of character. Clark watched as Lex swung his hips to the music and waved his arms about manically. A small giggle escaped his lips. Lex stopped, he had amazingly good hearing. Clark pushed the door open and the music stopped.

'Clark?' Said Lex surprised.
'Having fun Lex?' Lex blushed and Clark held his hand out to help him down. Lex held his hand softly and step down from his desk, placing his han on Clarks shoulder to steady himself.
'The glare from that light on my screen was becoming a risk.' Explained Lex.
'Couldn't you have asked someone to repair it for you, climbing on your desk is a hazard too?' Replied Clark.
'No one was available Clark.' Lex's intercom buzzed.
'Mr Luthor? Did you want me to get you any more paper clips today?' Asked his secretary.
Clark gazed at Lex, who looked surprisingly uncomfortable.
'I like the Jackson's myself. It's got a good beat to dance too.' Said Clark thoughtfully.

The End

Well I was bored. Hopefully it's funny though :O)


suzvoy at 2004-07-06 05:57 (UTC) (Link)
aurora_bee at 2004-07-07 00:53 (UTC) (Link)
where is the hooood? where is it aaaat?
lexslave at 2004-12-04 14:39 (UTC) (Link)
how FUN!!! :D
aurora_bee at 2004-12-04 14:53 (UTC) (Link)
Glad you liked it!
farferello at 2004-12-04 15:09 (UTC) (Link)
*Giggle* So cute. :D
aurora_bee at 2004-12-04 16:47 (UTC) (Link)
Well I try hee :O)
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