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Author: Aurora_bee
Title: Confined spaces
Rating: PG-13
Pairing Clark/Lex

Follow on from Disco Diva

Confined Spaces

After the uncomfortable moment when Lex had realised Clark knew he'd been dancing on his desk, Lex offered to take Clark for lunch at a renowned Metropolis restaurant. Clark had, of course accepted. So they strolled quietly to the lift. Clark pressed the button and stared up at the flashing lift light watching as it went up the floors. Lex was amused at Clark's child like tendencies, and a smile crept to the corners of his mouth.
'So where you taking me Lex?' Clark gave Lex a quizzical look, Lex smiled up at him.
'Thought I'd take you to Happy Burger.' Lex teased. 'I hear they do a great apple pie.' Clark pouted, disappointed. Lex suppressed a giggle as the lift arrived. The doors screeched as they opened.
'That doesn't sound too healthy Lex.' Lex shrugged and they got in. The doors closed and Clark pressed the button for the basement. The lift started it decent and started to shudder, suddenly it made a loud klunk and stopped. 'Great!' Said Clark.
'It's ok I'll use the phone to get help.' Lex picked up the receiver, it was dead. 'Ah.. Slight problem Clark, we'll have to resort to the old fashioned way of doing things.' Lex pressed the alarm button and started to shout. 'HELP!' Clark laughed at Lex, he'd never seen him look so uncomfortable.
'I'm going to see if I can get the doors open.' Clark slowly pulled the doors apart, making it look like it was a great strain. They were between floors and there was no way they could get out. Lex looked more uncomfortable.
'Are you ok there Lex?' Lex pushed his legs together, and blushed.
'Fine Clark.' He replied. Clark sat on the floor of the lift.
'Looks like we're in for a long wait.' He sighed. Lex continued to clamp his legs together and became increasingly redder. Clark could see Lex was getting hot. 'Are you sure you're ok?' Lex leaned back against the lift wall and cringed. Clark was worried, he'd never seen Lex quite so disturbed, his heart rate was going up and he was starting to sweat. 'Is it claustrophobia?' Lex stared at his feet. 'Lex?' Clark said, the annoyance starting to show in his voice. Lex finally answered Clark in a pained voice.
'No, I'm not claustrophobic.' Clark gazed up at Lex who would not make eye contact.
'It reminds me of that film, you know Sweet Charity, where she's stuck in a lift with the claustrophobic guy. You're not going to start taking your cloths off are you?' Lex looked up his eyes sparkling.
'You've seen that film? I never would have imagined. And no I'm not going to start taking my clothes off .' Clark got up, that really was a pity he thought.
'I wouldn't mind, you know if it would make you more comfortable.' Clark gave Lex a big cheesy smile. Lex grinned and undid the top button on his shirt.
'I don't think it would be appropriate for my employees to find me naked with an underage farmboy, the press would have a field day.' Lex winked at Clark. Clark moved toward Lex and put his hand on his shoulder.
'What is it then? You can tell me.' Clark pulled Lex forward forcing his legs apart. There was a loud squeaking noise.
'Fuck Lex, that stinks.' Lex turned the colour of Clarks red shirt.
'Well, if you'd have left me alone it wouldn't have escaped.' Clark turned a shade of purple Lex had never seen before, he wished he had a camera, it was the perfect colour for his new office. Clark felt ill, it was like being trapped in a room full of Kryptonite.
'What the hell have you been eating?' Clark choked out. Lex had regained his composure and was finding the situation amusing. Lex had never really minded the smell of his own farts.
'Nothing unusual, just some sushi.'
'Avoid sushi dude. It makes your farts stink.' Lex smiled, sushi had always had that affect on him, but usually he didn't get trapped in a lift with someone straight afterward.
'Luthor's don't fart.' Said Lex. Clark started breathing again.
'What do you do then? Emit toxic gasses?' Lex scowled.
'We pass wind.' Clark stuck his tongue out. The doors of the lift closed and it slowly started to descend. 'Clark, I don't think I've ever heard you swear before, not sure Martha would approve.' Clark shuffled his feet, ashamed. 'I accept bribes Clark so I'm open to suggestions.' Clark's mind began to wonder, would Lex be open to a blowjob? They made their way to Lex Ferrari.

The end

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