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Title: Hey, how did that get there??
Author: Aurora_bee
Pairing: Jesse/James
Rating: G

Nintendo, WB owns the yada yada.

Jesse watched intently as James unsuccessfully tried to set up the magnetron. They had been trying to catch Pikachu for so long Jesse couldn't remember a time before.

James was useless, Jesse snatched the magnetron from him and threw it on the ground. James coward knowing that Jesse was having one of her tantrums. Meowth quietly sloped off unnoticed, he didn't want to be a part of it. Jesse slapped James.
'Owe!' Grunted James, Jesse frowned and flicked her hair.
'How are we going to get the boss to pay us now?' James shrugged, he knew that it wasn't the only thing Jesse was worried about. Jesse was in love with the Boss, and James was in love with her.
'I'll try again.' Said James. Jesse slammed her hand down on the side of the balloon basket, and slumped down in a flood of tears. James sat next to her and put his arm around her.

Jesse sniffed and looked into James' eyes. He really wasn't that bad she thought, he cared at least. James slowly wiped a tear from her cheek, he leaned in and kissed her deeply. It was a passionate kiss, James could feel her breathing heavily and pushing up against him, almost struggling. Struggling? Jesse pushed James off and screamed, she had been wrong. Jesse looked really angry thought James.

Meowth returned from his walk, it had been good. He had breathed in the clean air, smelled flowers, and watched the wild butterfree flutter magesticly across the clear blue shy. Meowth sighed happily. The camp was not exactly how he'd left it. Jess had desroyed the balloon and everything else. Meowth wondered if he should come back later. He could hear James moaning.
'James?' Shouted Meowth. Weezing floted drunkenly in the sky another victim of Jesse's cruel rage. Meowth walked over to the balloon basket where the moaning was coming from, and lifted it up.
'Hey, how did that get there??' Said Meowth. James pulled the magnetron out of his ass.
'I have no idea.' He replied.

James sat quietly under a nearby tree, as Meowth tidied (or dug a hole and craped in it, whichever you prefer ;) ) the camp. I'm never doing that again he thought.

The End

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