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Scarf OMG Nivella

I feel sick

Posted on 2004.04.27 at 11:08
Current Mood: sicksick
Yet again I feel sick. The extra sugary Cappuccino I just had made me feel slightly worse. I'm thinking I'll go home at 3 today.

But on a good note I am going to a Duran Duran concert tomorrow whoooo.... Original line up, I'm just so pleased it's a once in a lifetime thing :O) I was going to get very drunk tonight but I think it's possibly a bad idea.

That deodorant I bought from lush strings to buggery. I thought organic ones were supposed to be better and not give you cancer. It was still hurting when I got up. I am sticking to the pit-rock from now on, that's just a salt crystal which you wet and rub on. The 'buffy the backside slayer' bar was nice though. Smells like lemon, I think I need to be bought lots of stuff from lush. Mummy's taking me to town on Friday at least!!

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