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Went to the concert, talk about good fun. Waited a long time and the scissor sisters came on wow!!!! They are ace, but I couldn't really dance cause I was stuck at the front with sammijmb (she was a star and I couldn't have lasted long without her). No-one seemed to like the SS, but there we go old farts.

Then Duran Duran came on, wow! They just stood there for 5 minutes as we clapped. Really flashy lights and when I looked up Nick Rhodes was looking at me. Course sammijmb don't believe me, but it doesn't matter cause I know! Then they played and it was brill Nick couldn't get his keyboards to work and spent some of his time on the floor under his keyboard. My back ached for ages and I was sooo hot in there. sammijmb bought me a T-shirt and the tour book, and they were brill. But I must say that I'm gonna spoil you rotten for that girl cause there was no need! I think there is a possibility I'm gonna wear my top out though hehe!

So Thursday I did nothing really, well it's my time off!

Friday went shopping with mummy, had coffee, didn't really do a lot again except get my passport photos, talked to my mate, on the phone canceled our date cause I was so tired good thing I did.

Saturday spent the day being sick, woke up at 1pm was sick twice spoke to my mate, went to bed woke up at 6pm. My mate went away so I was lonely all night. :O( Nah I don't blame him hehe.

Today I went to my mums had dinner played with her dog who licked my eyeball. She nearly choked me when she told me the universal by blur was the ornamental, then realised she was wronge and sang the ornamental pond, and told me it was a follow up of the house in the country. Then I misheard something in a song and said I thought he said KFC, and followed up by saying finger licking good. Revenge is sweet!

So I'm feeling much better!!!

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