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I sleep and when I wake up it hurts. It's not fair. I want my mum.

In other news I have to design a leaflet today, considering that this is the first I've heard of it and I've never done it before I'm a little bit pissed off. My boss has dumped it on my desk and does not appear to be in.

Suck my butt!

I was waiting for sammijmb To make her post regarding the 'can't sing singers' thing, so I can admit where I was Friday lunch time. The lovely red haired boy made me sticky with opal fruits. Ewe. Felt like a complete pratt standing in the middle of Cardiff castle telling some people from the BBC why my friend can't sing. I so can't take direction, don't know if it was just the little jumped up camera man not explaining or us though. I am a complete bitch I admit it haha! I think it may be the thing that keeps me going today.

Yay! Didn't have to go down to the smoking room, just tell the truth. I.E. you lot suck and I'm not interested in gossip, nah I didn't say that. I said I've been for a break, which is actually true.

mrinnuendo - Wearing your favorite thing.

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