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Scarf OMG Nivella

It's morning

Posted on 2004.08.05 at 08:56
Current Mood: crappycrappy
Only 2 more days till the weekend! I'm so tired, hormonal too, need a week off without my mother talking to me.

Supposed to bed meeting my dad at 3pm, not going to. Would mean I have to finish work early, and make it up another day. It's not worth it just to give him a gift for the fat cow.

You can tell I'm hormonal cause I'm angry with my mother again. As usual she's taking the p.

I hate cows!!! Wash the cow before you put it in the van? I have to change my job. I hate cows they remind me of being covered in shit and putting my hands on barbed wire!


ballisticliz at 2004-08-05 01:45 (UTC) (Link)
When are we not angry at our mothers? danm it they broght us into this world, and they think you can rule us and nag nag nag, and annoy... OK I have my own issues... *LOL*

I'm eating a night time *3am* snack right now, then going to bed, I'm leaving tomorrow, got Day Nine finished nicely like I wanted to tonight, I think it looks mightly fine, sure a couple is mistakes... but danm fine!

I'll be looking forward to chating with you again in a little over a week!

aurora_bee at 2004-08-05 01:50 (UTC) (Link)
Mothers hey who'd have them?

You have a brilliant time hun.


mrinnuendo at 2004-08-05 03:06 (UTC) (Link)
Enough about the cows already!
aurora_bee at 2004-08-05 03:16 (UTC) (Link)
I don't like the cows. The cows can kill you know.
zebracake267 at 2004-08-05 10:02 (UTC) (Link)
aurora_bee at 2004-08-05 11:29 (UTC) (Link)
My job involves me telling people what to do with their cows!
zebracake267 at 2004-08-05 12:09 (UTC) (Link)
for real?
aurora_bee at 2004-08-05 12:30 (UTC) (Link)
Yup. I'm producing a leaflet to tell people what to do to disinfect vehicles and stuff. It's so interesting (not!) God knows why the Kent's are farmers they must spend all day washing their cows!
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