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Smallville fic - The next part

Title: Clark is not what he seems
Author: Aurora_bee
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Clex

Clark is not what he seems

Clark stood on the grass outside the castle for some time. Lex had fucked him, and a fuck was all it was, a drunken moment. Slowly Clark walked home, he paused by the pond staring at his reflection. He was turning into a female like the frogs, in all probably caused by his encounter with Lex.

Martha called Clark down for dinner. Footsteps came from the stairs Martha turned around to put the fresh bread on the table, and dropped it. Clark looked down at his feet.
'Sorry mom.' It was Clark but it wasn't, his voice was three octaves higher and he was wearing her favorite summer dress.
'Clark, you look beautiful.' Clark smiled at his mom.
'What are we going to do?' Martha pushed his curly lock behind his ear.
'Get some straighteners.' Martha beamed. Clark laughed for the first time in nearly two months. Jonathan walked in though the back door, and stared at Clark.
'Uhm.' Jonathan grunted. Martha took Jonathan firmly by the hand.
'Jonathan, we can't just pretend this is not happening. Clark is becoming a woman, and no matter what he's our child.'
'Shouldn't that be she?' Asked Jonathan.
'I guess so.' Said Clark.
'And what do we do about school? And Clark Kent?' Said Jonathan angrily.
'We'll tell people we sent him to stay with an aunt, or something Jonathan why do you have to complicate things?' Jonathan grunted.
'What about the girl who comes to live with us, I suppose you want to call yourself Clare do you?' Martha looked at Jonathan with wide eyes.
'That's where Lex comes in.'

As a final favour to Clark before he left to live with his Aunt in Australia, Lex arranged for the birth certificate and adoption by the Kent's of Elizabeth. Lex did not go to the airport to bid his best friend bon voyage, instead opting for wallowing in self pity and a bottle of vintage scotch alone in the Castle.

Pete was freaked out by Clark's revelation, but after a few days he accepted Libby. She was after all better looking than Clark. Libby fitted in well at school, making friends easily, but keeping herself to herself. Lana and Chloe tried to befriend her, but the 'Clark' part of Libby could not let them get close.

Martha busied herself with the washing, carefully folding as she took it off the washing line.
'Mom?' Martha looked up.
'Morning sweetie.' Libby looked at her. Martha hadn't used her new name once.
'I think there's a problem.' Martha suddenly felt a wave of nausea come over her.
'Why?' Fear settled in Martha's chest like a bullet.
'I'm pregnant.' The world started spinning and Martha steadied herself on the washing line.
'Clark are you sure.' She corrected herself. 'Libby.'
'I can feel it. I looked down so I could see it, there's something in there.' Martha flopped down onto the grass.
'You know what I'm going to ask.' Clark blushed.
'I'm not sure you're going to believe me.'
'After the things we've been through recently anything is possible.'
'When I was Clark, I had sex with a man.' Martha looked down at the grass, could this be any worse she thought.
'Who Clark?' Clark slowly answered.
'Lex, and he wants nothing else to do with me.' Martha pulled out a hand full of grass.
'We'll see about that.' She said firmly and went to find Jonathan.

Lex quietly dozed in front of his television in his office. A sound startled him and he woke up to find Jonathan Kent pointing a shotgun at his head.
'What the hell did you do to my son you little shit?'
'Mr Kent there is a perfectly logical explanation for this, and I'm sure that if you didn't point that gun at my face I could think of it.' Jonathan didn't move the shotgun. 'Uhm, ok maybe there's not, I was pretty drunk. So was Clark I might add.' Jonathan smiled, and pulled back the trigger.
'That's not going to help you.' Lex swallowed hard.
'What will?'
'I think you're about to find that out.' Replied Jonathan. Pete who was stood behind Lex unnoticed pulled him up by the back of the collar. They pushed Lex out to the truck, tied him up and threw him in the back. Lex head banged on the wall as they drove.

Jonathan pulled up outside a deserted church where Martha and Libby were waiting. Lex fell out of the back of the truck and looked up.
'What the fuck?' Screamed Lex. Pete crouched down and looked Lex in the eye.
'To cut a long story short, Clark is an alien.' Lex mouth dropped open. 'And when you fuck an alien you don't know what you'll get.' Libby fidgeted and looked down at Lex.
'Please stop it!' Implored Libby. Pete carried on with his explanation.
'So basically you fucked Clark and got him pregnant, and now Clark has turned into Libby. And there is a priest waiting inside this church to marry you.' Lex looked at the dirt, was it possible this was a dream. Libby reached down and untied his bonds, Lex looked up into her face.
'Clark?' Libby nodded. 'Fuck!' Lex looked at Libby her stomach was distended, it was true, and he'd gotten Clark pregnant. The possibility however of this being a dram still stayed fixed in Lex's head. Lex would do whatever they wanted, and he would wake up safe and warm in his own bed the morning, and it would all be a dream. Lex smiled.
'Let's get on with it then.'

Lex woke up in clean sheets the next morning as he stared up at the wall he realised that he didn't have flowered wallpaper and a hand was gradually making it's way up his Leg. Lex screamed.

Lex's screaming woke Clark up, he sat up and looked into Lex's eyes. Lex looked like he was possessed. Slowly the sanity crept back and Lex lifted up the sheet and looked underneath.
'Good you've still got a dick.' Lex sighed as he settled back into the warm bed. Clark lifted an eyebrow.
'Something I'm pretty grateful for too Lex.' Clark snuggled into Lex's back, he was still shaking.
'Clark, from now on we use condoms.' Clark put his arm round Lex pressing his hard cock into his back.
'Sure Lex.' Lex sighed as Clark kissed the back of his neck.

The end

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