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Scarf OMG Nivella

I'm awake

Posted on 2004.05.06 at 08:41
Current Mood: contentcontent
So I'm awake!!! Yay! Last night I left work early went to Virgin bought myself 8 legged freaks, then went to Sainburys and bought myself the ingredients to make a really good hot chocolate. Went home showered and went to bed to watch my film. Then fell asleep at 8pm. Boy I feel good now.

Got some stuff to do at lunch time at the post office, and the bank then I should be done.

So TOMORROW..... Tomorrow I have my interview, so I've gotta try not to be nervous. I've got to iron my suit tonight but I will look forward *I WILL*. sammijmb is meeting me for a well deserved coffee.

Ah.... Well next week I could be doing something completely different!

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