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Ah crap they found out my secret! Again stolen from lexslave!

Take the quiz: "What Is Your Kink?"

You are most comfortable when in control. Having someone at your beck and call makes you hot. You can be very demanding, and expect perfection! In the bedroom, you take charge. Your motto is It's My way or the highway!

Take the quiz: "What Kind of Pervert are You?"

The Depressed Pervert
The Depressed Pervert: You are The Depressed Pervert, you seem a bit more distant than The Horny Pervert, you actually prefer your partner to find you instead of the other way around, but what goes through your mind. ( Ooou, the intimacy ) You could think of practically anything to turn you on, more than likely the person to be with you are going to have as much wild and wet dreams as you give them, even though you are not like The Horny Pervert, you still have your tendencies, perhaps writing your poetry is a great turn on for them. But you accept things as they come, waiting for them to make the first move, usually.

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