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So I had my interview, and as usual I would rather not talk about it cause I was nervous and I have trouble judging how it went.

Went and had a coffee with sammijmb and we talked about various things, it's always a pleasure to spend time with her. Just to reiterate though sammijmb knows I'm not gay. I like men.

Haven't decided what to do tonight.... I have to talk to friends online though cause I've been neglecting them. I have to meet someone tomorrow that I don't want to meet, but for the life of me I couldn't say no. My mother kinda makes me do things, and makes me feel guilty if I don't want too. I know I set standards high, probably too high. But the way I feel now about meeting someone that I don't think I'll like is horrible. I don't want to hurt that person though. I don't think I should follow my mums advice in future.

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