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And so yesterday I went out with that guy, it was how I expected. He was a nice guy though, very kind and thoughtful. But not for me, and so I don't know what to do, purely because whatever I do is usually wrong and someone normaly says you should have done it this way. This time I'm going to listen to myself, and tell the guy that he a nice guy but he's not the right person for me, in a nice way.

I did however have a reasonable time in the pub a guy with the most beautiful shaved head sat behind us, and I was like 'phooor'. It was worth going just for that buzz. I have a thing for bald men, Sice from the Boo Radleys, Patric Stewart oh yeah give me a bald guy. My friend Tez shaved his head again too... Well anyway going off for a cold shower, thoughts of Lex covered in Ben and Jerrys are getting pretty strong again.

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