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Meme stolen from teh_jules

Posted on 2004.08.31 at 10:55
Current Mood: hyperhyper
[First job]: In an art shop

[First screen name]: Gem

[First funeral]: My grandfather

[First pet]: ET the goldfish

[First piercing]: Ears

[First tattoo]: Nope

[First credit card]: Bank one about 5 years ago so I could get a credit history!

[First kiss]: Steven Cox, we were 5

[First enemy]: Emma - die bitch

[First favorite musician]: So many to chose from


[Last car ride]: Month ago

[Last kiss]: mrinnuendo a week ago

[Last movie watched]: Starsky and Hutch

[Last beverage drank]: Coffee

[Last food consumed]: Coconut ring

[Last phone call]: Last night my Gran, in the middle of a dirty role play gah!

[Last time showered]: before bed

[Last CD played]: Now something

[Last website visited]: livejournal

[Lesson learned]: Men are asshits


[Single or Taken]: single.

[Birthday]: 26th September

[Sign]: Libra

[Siblings]: Charlie the dog (brother)

[Hair color]: Blonde now

[Eye color]: Blue

[Shoe size]: 5

[Height]: 5'3"

[Mood]: over cafinated

Right now what are you:

[Supposed to be doing instead of this]: fuck knows I'm in work!

[Wearing]: Jeans and black cardi

[Drinking]: nothing

[Thinking about]: Lex Luthor (again)

[Listening to]: Someone talk in what sounds like WElsh, but it could just be the accent.

[About to do]: Click my back

And just a little add on! My god if you've got huge tits that sag, please wear a bra I just nearly threw up having them in my face. It's cause I'm short I know!

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