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What personality type are you?

I am a resolver!

Summary of Resolvers

Good at getting to the heart of a problem and quickly finding a solution
Make rational decisions using the facts available
Think of themselves as understanding, stable and easy-going
May focus on short-term results and lose sight of the big picture

More about Resolvers
Resolvers are independent people who quietly learn how things work by analysing large amounts of information. Should a problem arise, they solve it with as little fuss as possible. Resolvers are only interested in abstract ideas, if they can be used to solve a problem quickly.

Resolvers like to take risks: Many of them seek jobs and pastimes that put them in harms way and guarantee an adrenaline rush.

Resolvers have changed jobs most frequently since leaving full-time education, according to a UK survey.

Resolvers are often tolerant of behaviour different to their own as long as their values aren't compromised. They sometimes give the impression that they agree with other peoples' viewpoints because they don't actively disagree.

In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Resolvers may become cynical, negatively critical or put off decisions. Under extreme stress, Resolvers could be prone to inappropriate, tearful outbursts.

Resolvers are quiet and sometimes it is difficult to get to know them; however, they often talk freely about subjects they understand well.

Resolver Careers
Resolvers are often drawn to hands-on jobs that require an analytical mind and careful organisation of large amounts of data.

I don't know if that's really me to be honest?

Click here to find out what personality type you are!

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