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Weekend posting :O(

Makes me sad. There's not a lot of you around to post. But I'm hoping that whatever you're doing you're having fun, cause that'll make me feel much better!

My weekend plans are on hold till next weekend cause of the mumps, I'm very tired now and don't feel quite myself.

My daddy took me shopping for food but all I want to eat is soup, so I got soup and lucozade. He was ever so nice and bought me everything I wanted so I now have shrek maud and worms breakfast cereals too! Got some ice cream and american cream soda, I may even have one of those things my Grampy used to make *squee*.

Mum's making me leek and potato soup for lunch tomorrow, and Smallville's on so I'm going to make her sit through it! I will force her to watch Soriety boys or poolhall junkies too! Boy happy dayz!

Why the smeg am I watching the racing though??? I must be ill.

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