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SFX London EXPO vid

Ok this was so bad for me, having tried to be a good girl and have pure thoughts. But I was sooo not able to with Michael Rosenbaums HOT ass on the stage. For some reason the person doing the video zoom in on his crotch.... Ok I admit that when I went to the red dwarf con I got my ex to zoom in on that part of Chris Barrie but hell I wasn't intending on selling the video.

Then the presentations at the end with Chris Barrie (yup I fancy Rimmer)and Michael Rosenbaum next to each other (talk about a sick fantasy). My thoughts wandered to manage a toi (think I spelled that wrong).

Then Walter Koenig, came on to present James Doohan with a life time achievement award and I nearly cried. sammijmb I am gonna have to loan you this vid you're gonna love it and it's got Michael Shanks and John Shea, not that he's a good Lex or anything he wore a bald cap for god sake!

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