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Posted on 2004.05.12 at 13:26
Current Mood: blankblank
So doing nothing again, want to go home and watch my video again. Feeling really bloated today, not happy bout my tummy. Gonna have to start my diet again. That means I gotta walk home tonight :O(

Only 2 days of boredom left before a weekend of boredom begins. So I need to stop moaning and possibly do something that doesn't involve money, as I just bought some more RAM and can't afford it.

I have to pay my credit card bill and set up a direct debit for it. Pay my other credit card bill too. Buy some new underwear, definitely need to do my dishes. Gonna get drunk Friday me thinks with the king of the potato people, and Mr Flibble.

Must thank meek for my new Icon :O)

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